Volume 104: Moving into 2021

As we look back at 2020, I’m sure many reading this would like a mulligan. The ability to redo this year and attack some of its challenges differently. With lockdowns, an election cycle that just won’t go away, and ongoing health and economic uncertainty, it’s been an unusual year. As you read this, there are … Continue reading Volume 104: Moving into 2021

Volume 101: Interview Trick or Treat

Since we're in Halloween season, I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about one of the most frightening parts of trying to get a new job: the face to face interview! So, let’s use this time to cover some of the most common Tricks, or missteps, and Treats, good ideas, of the face to … Continue reading Volume 101: Interview Trick or Treat

Volume 98: Compensation Challenges

By: Teresa Hundt Compensation is often a huge factor in deciding what jobs we take.  I'm a good example of this. After years in education, I became a recruiter to provide my daughter a better life than I could as an educator. We all have bills to pay. Mortgages or rent, car payments, electricity, and … Continue reading Volume 98: Compensation Challenges

Volume 94: Setting Performance Expectations for Employees

Since all we do at Oberg and Associates is build relationships in the industry, our process doesn’t tend to end when a candidate accepts an offer from a client. Once we’ve helped a candidate find a new role, we stay close to make sure the candidate is adapting well to their new surroundings and is … Continue reading Volume 94: Setting Performance Expectations for Employees

Volume 93: Should You Give Two-Week Notice?

Every Wednesday afternoon, my team at Oberg and Associates does training together. This training can cover anything from an internal system, a generic industry or recruiting article we want to discuss, or maybe there was a recruiting situation that didn’t go our way, so we want to talk about what we can do in the … Continue reading Volume 93: Should You Give Two-Week Notice?