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Volume 99: Overcoming a Bad Reputation

The first thing I do when I get a new search from a client is call everyone I know locally. It just makes sense, right? If I can find the right person locally, it removes the need for relocation, as well as making the interview process easier. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the answer … Continue reading Volume 99: Overcoming a Bad Reputation

Volume 98: Compensation Challenges

By: Teresa Hundt Compensation is often a huge factor in deciding what jobs we take.  I'm a good example of this. After years in education, I became a recruiter to provide my daughter a better life than I could as an educator. We all have bills to pay. Mortgages or rent, car payments, electricity, and … Continue reading Volume 98: Compensation Challenges

Volume 97: Relocation Challenges

By Teresa Hundt Congrats! You are through the interview process and have made a hire. The questions have been asked, the answers have been great, the tour went well, and a compensation package has been agreed upon. Then you get to the part no one likes: Relocation. This is the next challenge that can pop … Continue reading Volume 97: Relocation Challenges

Volume 95: The Grass is Not Always Greener

Everyone gets frustrated at work at times. Everyone has days where the job is more difficult than it needs to be. It doesn’t matter if the job you’re working is your lifelong passion, or just the job or career you landed in, every single person out there has had days like this. Sometimes, it’s one … Continue reading Volume 95: The Grass is Not Always Greener