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Volume 82: Patriot Day and Generation Z

Over the past couple of months, different members of Team Oberg have given our advice on how to communicate with each of our generations. This has been a fun exercise, but is obviously a fluid undertaking because generations in the industry are constantly shifting. Baby Boomers make up the majority of the corrugated industry currently, … Continue reading Volume 82: Patriot Day and Generation Z

Volume 81: Communicating with Millennials

This article continues our series discussing inter-generational communication. Hello, Corrugated Industry! My name is Kalman Kreitman, and I’ve been Director of Operations here at O&A for about 6 years. I also lead the O&A recruiting effort in the paper industry. Why is the corrugated industry hearing from me, then? Well, I fit the Millennial definition … Continue reading Volume 81: Communicating with Millennials

Volume 80: GenX Communication

(This Article Continues our series on Inter-Generational Communication.) As I mentioned in the opening of this series, I consider myself a Xennial, a bridge generation between Generation X and the Millennials. If I had to choose one of the traditional generations, though, based on the year of my birth, I’d be Generation X. Generation X … Continue reading Volume 80: GenX Communication

Volume 78: Introduction to Inter-Generational Communication

By Teresa Hundt Hi all! I thought I would give Roy a break from writing newsletters, and kick off our next big series on a topic that is affecting every company, regardless of industry: cross-generational communication. Without giving up my exact age, I fall into the micro-generation known as Xennials. I was born right in … Continue reading Volume 78: Introduction to Inter-Generational Communication