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Volume 72: Overcoming Culture to Hire

Every company in the industry has a reputation. Recruiters hear it all the time: candidates are totally open for new positions, they’ll go anywhere! Except… they won’t work for Company X, because they can’t stomach that owner’s political beliefs. They won’t go to Company Y, because their friend told them they knew someone that worked … Continue reading Volume 72: Overcoming Culture to Hire

Volume 71: Achieving Goals Through Metrics

This New Year, I want to talk about using metrics to achieve, and judge, progress towards goals. Very simply, you can’t manage what you don’t measure, and as I’ve shared before, an idiot with a plan will often beat a genius without a plan. Measuring What You Want to Manage: This is an area that … Continue reading Volume 71: Achieving Goals Through Metrics

Volume 69: Happy Thanksgiving

In the years that I’ve been doing this newsletter, I’ve taken many approaches to the Thanksgiving article. I’ve used it to relate industry issues to the Dallas Cowboys, who, frankly, have enough of their own issues this year. I’ve sent out plain-Jane “Happy Thanksgiving” cards. I’ve occasionally used it as a soapbox to tell people … Continue reading Volume 69: Happy Thanksgiving

Halloween Edition: Scary Interview Wrap-Up

Since it’s Halloween, I wanted to wrap up our series on interviewing with a true horror story: Many moons ago, I set up a candidate to interview with a client. They spoke on the phone, and it was great: an instant bro-mance. Candidate said the position was right up his alley. He had the experience … Continue reading Halloween Edition: Scary Interview Wrap-Up

Volume 67: Honesty in the Interview Process

Open and Honest Communication is the foundation of all strong relationships,  business or otherwise. If one side is withholding information, or being outright deceitful, the relationship is doomed for failure. If friends are lying to each other, or not sharing information that could help the other out, the relationship isn’t going to last very long. … Continue reading Volume 67: Honesty in the Interview Process