Halloween Edition: Scary Interview Wrap-Up

Since it’s Halloween, I wanted to wrap up our series on interviewing with a true horror story: Many moons ago, I set up a candidate to interview with a client. They spoke on the phone, and it was great: an instant bro-mance. Candidate said the position was right up his alley. He had the experience … Continue reading Halloween Edition: Scary Interview Wrap-Up

Volume 67: Honesty in the Interview Process

Open and Honest Communication is the foundation of all strong relationships,  business or otherwise. If one side is withholding information, or being outright deceitful, the relationship is doomed for failure. If friends are lying to each other, or not sharing information that could help the other out, the relationship isn’t going to last very long. … Continue reading Volume 67: Honesty in the Interview Process

Volume 65: Phone Interview Follies

The first step for most interview processes is a phone interview. Whether it’s with the corporate recruiter, local HR, or directly with the Hiring Manager, these calls present an interesting set of potential pitfalls for candidates. The interviewer is generally looking to see if you sound competent and have the experience they’re looking for. Do … Continue reading Volume 65: Phone Interview Follies

Volume 64: How Companies Mess Up Interviews

With the demand for quality candidates the highest it has been in decades (according to the US Department of Labor, there are fewer than 1 unemployed persons per job opening in the US as of May 2018), the candidates that you’re interviewing are likely also interviewing with your competitors. So, simply, how can you improve … Continue reading Volume 64: How Companies Mess Up Interviews