Volume 84: CorrExpo Wrap Up

From my time on the convention floor, this year’s CorrExpo seemed to have a pretty low turnout from converters. This makes sense, though, with a massive SuperCorr looming in 2020. This turnout led me to focus on vendors while in Denver - Starch, OEM, Ink, Dies, Software, Conveyors, Boilers, and so many more. Talking with … Continue reading Volume 84: CorrExpo Wrap Up

Volume 26: Long Term Relationships Can’t Be Classified

Over the first quarter of 2016, this newsletter has revolved around the issue of classifying our everyday relationships the way relationships are classified in nature, and breaking them into three categories: Parasitic, Commensalistic, or Mutualistic. After the last newsletter about mutualism, though, I received some push back from a 20-year friend in the industry. His issue with … Continue reading Volume 26: Long Term Relationships Can’t Be Classified

Volume 23: Parasitic Relationships

According to Wikipedia, a Parasitic Relationship in nature is one where, "one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host." [1] For instance, the relationship between fleas or tapeworms and a household pet would constitute a parasitic relationship. The fleas and tapeworms reap benefits, while doing harm to your cat or dog in the … Continue reading Volume 23: Parasitic Relationships

Volume 22: Relationships in Nature and Business

As I enjoyed my family's Christmas and New Year's Celebrations a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but reflect on the relationships I have with those around me. There's the constant flow of family, as well as the friends I've picked up along the way. There are plenty of business relationships too that I thought … Continue reading Volume 22: Relationships in Nature and Business