Volume 114: Interview Horror Stories

By: Teresa Hundt Interview Horror Stories… We all have either had one or know of someone who has. Since this month is the spookiest month of the year, I know many articles and newsletters are swirling around that this very topic. I’m going to do things a little bit differently. Instead of just discussing the "horror", … Continue reading Volume 114: Interview Horror Stories

Volume 98: Compensation Challenges

By: Teresa Hundt Compensation is often a huge factor in deciding what jobs we take.  I'm a good example of this. After years in education, I became a recruiter to provide my daughter a better life than I could as an educator. We all have bills to pay. Mortgages or rent, car payments, electricity, and … Continue reading Volume 98: Compensation Challenges

Volume 97: Relocation Challenges

By Teresa Hundt Congrats! You are through the interview process and have made a hire. The questions have been asked, the answers have been great, the tour went well, and a compensation package has been agreed upon. Then you get to the part no one likes: Relocation. This is the next challenge that can pop … Continue reading Volume 97: Relocation Challenges

Volume 90: Recruiter Misconceptions, Part 2

Three weeks ago, I wrote a newsletter about misconceptions surrounding what I do as a third-party recruiting consultant. That article can be found here. So, with those misconceptions addressed, what is it that I actually do on a daily or weekly basis? The short answer is that I talk to people in my industry. That’s it! … Continue reading Volume 90: Recruiter Misconceptions, Part 2

Volume 89: Recruiter Misconceptions, Part 1

Something I have learned over the past five years of getting to know the corrugated industry is that no one seems to understand what a recruiter actually does. Or what we are supposed to do, anyway. Along those lines, I wanted to give Roy a break from writing the newsletter and address a few misconceptions … Continue reading Volume 89: Recruiter Misconceptions, Part 1