Volume 116: Season of Change

In the years that I’ve been doing this Newsletter, November is always that time of year that always has a vast array of different topics. I could do the “Thankful For”, maybe relate to the “Cowboys”, or now since hockey has started even do something for the “Dallas Stars” … BUT I decided to keep the momentum that we have with Oberg and Associates now and look at a “Season of Change”.

This year, I’m just going to tell you that we have experienced growth, new initiatives, and most of all adjusting back to the swing of “Being Back” with the exciting opportunities ahead.

From a personal standpoint, I’m excited to have a dynamic team where I can mentor, spend some much-needed time from the desk, and take on some new career initiatives to keep O&A at the top of the industry.

From a Company Leader standpoint, I’m excited about my team here at O&A.  A team that tends to go above and beyond to try to help our company succeed and has been a tremendous part in allowing me to create new visions for the next year for them to grow! Of course, they put it in their effort because they share the vision for what I want this company to look like in the next few years and see that they have a strong career here at O&A.

Finally, on the professional side, I’m thrilled to reconnect, and travel/attend shows again to see my good friends, and yes, even some of the not-so-good friends, in the corrugated industry. The ones that take my call every time, the ones I must chase, and the ones that don’t take my calls at all anymore. All of this helps me, and my team to adapt to change and be better recruiters and consultants if we want to continue as a resource for this exciting, sometimes crazy, industry.

This year has been an exciting one for Oberg and Associates, LLC to say the least. I am constantly feeling uncomfortable and with that comes a lot of change. As we enter the new season, a season of change, one thing is for sure… We will remain steady! O&A is set for a lot of growth in 2022, and many more exciting years moving forward.

I’m thankful to see where this company, and this industry, can grow. As for the team Oberg and Associates, LLC, we hope all our friends, clients, and candidates in the Corrugated Industry look forward to the season of change and are ready to head into the Holiday Season.

Stay Strong!

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